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Implementation of marketing automation system – where to start from?

Implementation of marketing automation system - where to start from? Today I will address the question I get often asked about by people starting off with marketing automation systems. Such systems offer wide range of possibilities so there may arise a question where to start really.

The first thing you should do is to include tracking codes from the system in your every web site.

You can do that in the exactly same way as you do with Google Analytics codes. The codes are used for monitoring the traffic across your service.

Next step is to attract people to your web site so that traffic can be monitored. Often marketing automation systems are introduced in the companies that already have their clients and users data bases built. In such cases it is good to collect their data such as name, e-mail, phone number, address and save it in a spreadsheet as a CSV file type in order to import it to the marketing automation system. It results in having the data saved and stored in a CRM system.

email databese


To monitor long time users we should email them with a message presenting the links to our web site. Let’s remember that the open rate for emails on Polish market is on average 20% however it greatly depends on the quality of our mailing list. Such statistics also mean that we will not be able to monitor everybody including the recipients unable to read the message due to absence or vacation. Therefore, the message should be sent more than once or twice.

E-mail should be interesting enough so that they are enticed to click on the link leading to our site.

To sum up, three basic steps to start working with the marketing automation system are: including tracking codes in the web site, importing users list to CRM and sending them an appealing message.

Those three elements are the ones to start with when implementing marketing automation system.